I have always been captivated by the solitude of nature and untamed wilderness, particularly the deserts and ocean. I have a similar connection to spiritual places and places of pilgrimage, as well as places of remembrance and legacy. In short, places that connect us to something larger than our mortal self.

I am also fascinated by the textures, patterns, and abstracts found in nature and landscapes. I aspire to capture the wildness and spirit of desolate places, as well as the desolation sometimes found in urban environments.

In recent years, I began experimenting with documentary photography and visual storytelling. I hope to post those galleries in the near future.

About LI Plato

As a younger person, I traveled the western US deserts with my friend and mentor, a photographer and folklorist. Lee taught me large format photography and darkroom processing, and together we sought high desert vistas, ghost towns, and frontier cemeteries. It was my first exposure to photography.

I focus on landscape, nature, and travel photography, and have some experience with food photography and food styling.  I am continually inspired by what is around the bend or in the next meal, and pre-COVID, spent a lot of time fantasizing about my next walkabout and adventure.  In the last couple years—and during the COVID pandemic—I am learning to find inspiration close to home. I am learning to appreciate the concept of home, rootedness, and place.

As an avid traveler, I am always amazed at the multitude of ways folks experience life, and particularly how they explain the spiritual world and afterlife. As a former archivist and former chef, I am intrigued by the experiences, social history, and food behind day to day life. Thus far, the (sort of) connection in my work is documenting what is beyond us and larger than us, the interconnectedness of life, and what makes us human.

I am in the process of processing work past wanderings, and hope to post those images—–and other new work–—in the very near future. Please follow along on social media.

I am a former information manager (MLIS), and also available for freelance WordPress content management, content creation (focusing on food, beverage, travel, real estate, and domestic politics), descriptive metadata, and digital asset management.